Bicupid Review 2023: All You Need To Know About It!

With the growing popularity of Online dating apps, there has been an invariable growth in the number of people willing to try them out and find the kind of relationships they want. Online dating has become a way of life in the sense that people are almost over the old-school organic meeting template as they don’t have the time or the patience for it. It is much easier to directly sign up on a dating platform and find hot dates. Nowadays, with a progressive discourse around the LGBTQ+ community, more & more dating apps have come forward claiming to offer exclusive dating services for gays and lesbians alike. Today, we are here with the trending review that will surely entice you with its hidden features and capabilities.

Bicupid Overview

Bicupid homepage

A community niche that remains untapped for the online dating market is the bisexual community which has neither found ground on the straight dating apps nor the gay dating apps. Hopping onto the market trend, Bicupid entered the market and designed an app exclusively for the bisexual or bicurious community.

In this article, we will be testing out the Bicupid app and try to find out if the features, the dating pool as well as the security network are up to the mark and worth trying for our bisexual readers. Let’s first take a look at the pros and cons of the app before getting into the in-depth review.

Pros and Cons of


  • Exclusive dating service for Bisexual people
  • Inclusive of all kinds of relationships- serious & casual
  • User-friendly interface
  • Detailed Member profiles with clear motives
  • Great avenue for threesome & swinger partners
  • Spark functionality feature
  • Open to both couples as well as singles
  • Forms an active community forum for interactions beyond the dating & hookup space


  • Limited features on the Free membership
  • Imbalance between the men’s & women’s profiles
  • No compatibility algorithm to aid matchmaking

In-depth Review of the BiCupid Dating App

Bicupid review

The online reviews of Bicupid suggest that it is the perfect avenue to find sex as well as romantic opportunities for the bisexual community. But, we can’t confirm before we try the app out ourselves. So, let’s begin with a detailed insight into how it works and what it offers.

Sign-Up Process & Safety

One of the major problems with many dating apps these days is that they think it is really important to feed all information to the algorithm first which will then take care of suggesting and recommending profiles based on compatibility. We do understand the logic behind it but what happens generally is that most dating apps go overboard with these compatibility tests and quizzes, so much so that some of them ask the users to take 100-questions long quizzes before they can even begin surfing the dating profiles. Users are bound to get tired and bored of such intensive sign-up & profile setup processes. But thank god for Bicupid, it doesn’t make those rookie mistakes!

Easy Login 

As far as the Bicupid login or sign-up process is concerned, it is pretty basic & straightforward. New users who wish to register themselves as members of the Bicupid dating community are supposed to sign up using either a Facebook account or an email address as proof of identity as in the case of 

Choosing a Facebook account to link with the Bicupid profile makes the process much shorter as it logs you in right away. The app clearly states that linking your Facebook does not mean that all your activity will be posted automatically. Alternatively, you can choose to sign up using a valid Email address. This Email address acts as your proof of identity and is verified by the app moderators to make sure you are not a chatbot or a fake profile.

Basic Details

In the next part of the process, users are required to provide a few more basic details such as Age, Phone number, and Location which is followed by creating a unique username and password for future usage. This username is publicly visible to everyone on the app so the users should be innovative with what they choose to be known by. After completing the mandatory formalities, the users have the option to fill in extra details such as height, ethnicity & relationship status on their profiles as well as upload a picture. Even though it is optional to do so, we highly recommend adding pictures to your profiles as it accentuates the whole appeal manifold and makes the profile look more reliable.

About Me

There is an ‘About Me’ section in the profile setup in which you have to write in brief about the kind of person you are. It should be as authentic and creative as possible as the About Me bio plays a major role in leaving an impression on other profiles. Another section called ‘About My Match/Friend’ asks you to write a little bit about your ideal match on Bicupid and what your expectations are. 

You can go all out describing how you would want them to look like, the things you would like to do with them, the interests or hobbies you want them to have, or stuff like that. It is better to keep the description as real as possible with no high hopes or ultra-romanticized idea of an ideal match. Keep in mind that this section will help you find the right kind of people on the app, the kind that is attractive to you. 

Security and Privacy

The Security and Privacy network on Bicupid is quite efficient as it is cognizant of fraud detection right from the login process. A Facebook account or email address is mandatory to act as proof of identity for every user to make sure that no fake profiles or spam bots enter the dating mix. Additionally, there is a zero-tolerance policy for online abuse, data exploitation, or any other suspicious activity, The manual moderators on the app are constantly on the lookout for any such behaviors and take action against them by removing the profile immediately.

Design & Usability

Once the Profile Setup is complete, the users can start by surfing through the dating profiles on the network. Despite being a niche platform for Bisexuals, the quality of profiles does not degrade at all. Most of the profiles have a profile picture which makes the process a bit more interesting. 

When you start looking at dating profiles, you will find a detailed profile description alongside the picture with specific traits and preference information. The user base is quite loyal and actively looking for different kinds of relationships on the app- while some are here for romantic relationships, others just want some exploring and casual fun out of the whole experience. There is a basic information section with the last login details, ‘About Me’, ‘About my match’, relationship status, etc.; the Appearance section with details like height, eye color, hair color, and body type; Background information like occupation, Income, education, Smoking habits, etc.; Lifestyle & other preferences like political beliefs, race, language, religion, astrological sign, etc. Most of the questions in these sections are optional to answer for each user but it forms a detailed profile description if they choose to answer it. To view answers to a lot of these fields, you might even have to subscribe to the premium membership of the app.

To make the process more interactive and fun, the users get a whole lot of features as follows:

  • Spark: The Spark functionality is basically like the Swipe feature as in the case of You can avail the Spark feature on your profile and the algorithm shows random dating profiles of other people with a profile photo, age, and location details based on which you can decide if you like them or not. There is a Heart icon and a Cross Icon below each profile card for you to choose between as per your preference. If you react to a Heart on a profile, it means that you are interested in the person. Now, if the same person likes your profile in the Spark slideshow, you will be notified that it’s a match. The two users can get in touch with each other after that to see if there is a genuine connection. This feature is available for usage only to premium members but the free members can avail a trial for the same.
  • Reverse Match Function: This feature on the Bicupid app is unique and interesting as it shows a list of dating profiles that would be least compatible with you. The list is curated based on data collected from your profile description and the expectations you have from an Ideal match. The idea behind suggesting seemingly incompatible profiles is that ‘Opposites might attract’ & it might work out for the two of you. However, there is an equal chance of this going downhill as you would get recommendations of people who are polar opposite to you.
  • Connections: The Connection section in the profile dashboard shows a list of stats that are visible to the premium members. It shows the following tools to enhance the overall network experience:
    • Winked at Me: the profiles who expressed their interest in you
    • Viewed Me: shows the profiles who viewed and browsed through your description & photos
    • Requested My Photo: shows the profiles who want to see a picture of you or want to initiate a conversation
    • Liked My Photo: shows the profiles who liked your profile pictures
    • My Favorites: a personal list of favorite profiles that you can add yourself to keep track
  • First Date Ideas: This is a bisexual forum where users can leave their idea of a fun first date. These suggestions or posts are not anonymous so it helps people reach out to you if they resonate with your first date idea and might be interested in knowing you or talking to you. It is another unique way of matchmaking that Bicupid resorts to unlike

BiCupid Membership Cost

Bicupid membership plan

Of course, a quality dating platform like Bicupid is not completely free. Instead, it offers what is called a Freemium service with partially free and partially paid services. Here is the list of the free and paid Services on BiCupid as well as the Subscription cost.

Features of Bicupid Free

  • Send Winks
  • Curate a personal favorites list
  • Upload up to 26 photos
  • Apply regional search filter
  • Trial access to the Spark feature
  • Respond to a message

Features of Bicupid Premium

  • Message anyone and chat unlimited
  • Access to the profiles who have viewed you
  • Access to the profiles who like you
  • Unlimited access to the rewinds feature
  • Advanced Search filters like age, gender, location
  • Customized Profile Privacy settings
  • Change username

Cost Structure for Premium Subscription

  • 1-Month Membership: $29.95
  • 3-Month Membership: $59.95
  • 6-Month Membership: $95.95


Bicupid user review


In a nutshell, our experience while trying out the Bicupid app has been an absolute delight. There is nothing that we would like to change about the design or the user interface that it already offers, apart from the few cons that it has. It does a great job at targeting a gender niche that is not very well tapped – the Bisexual community- and offers high-quality services for romantic as well as casual sex opportunities. The signup process is perfectly designed in the sense that it is neither too short nor too long. It takes well into account the privacy and security of the users as well as the personal details that it requires for the best interactive experience on the app. 

Even the features and the user profile are efficiently marked with distinguished tools like the swipe-based Spark feature, the unique reverse Match function, or the Connections section. Overall, we genuinely feel that people who identify as bisexual or bicurious must try out this wholesome dating experience to find whatever kind of relationship they are looking for. It is not an exclusive hookup or sex dating website like but has ample opportunities for romantic bisexuals as well. We bet on the fact that you won’t regret spending your time and money on the BiCupid app. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 How to cancel the Bicupid Subscription?

Ans. Follow the steps below to cancel your Bicupid subscription:

  • Login to your Bicupid account
  • Click Membership in the settings and select Subscription Status
  • Click on ‘Disable Account’ to discontinue the subscription
  • You will be logged out automatically

Q.2 What are the features that a free member gets access to on Bicupid?

Ans. Following is the set of features readily available for all the users whether or not they pay for it:

  • Send Winks & let others know that you’re interested in them
  • Curate a personal favorites list where you can keep track of all the profiles that you have liked 
  • Upload up to 26 photos on your profile which will be visible to everyone
  • Apply a regional search filter and look for profiles in your area for hookups or dating opportunities
  • Trial access to Spark feature which is the swipe-based matching game 
  • Respond to a message

Q.3 What are the kinds of pictures not allowed on Bicupid?

Ans. All the photos on Bicupid are approved by the software and hence cannot contain any of the following:

  • The accepted format of the picture is GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and a size less than 10 MB
  • No nudity or highly pornographic pictures are allowed which violate the community guidelines of the app
  • No contact information should be visible in the picture
  • It can’t be a group picture or a picture of an inanimate object as it is mandatory that you are present in each photo

Q.4 How much does a BiCupid Premium subscription cost?

Ans. Following is the cost structure of the Bicupid premium:

  • 1-Month Membership: $29.95
  • 3-Month Membership: $59.95
  • 6-Month Membership: $95.95

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