Fuckbook Review: Know It All Before You Try It Out!

With so much competition and options in the online dating world, most users are always left confused while deciding what to choose. There are almost similar-looking websites that offer similar dating or hookup services and claim to be the best in business it can be challenging to see through the bullshit more than half of them are throwing at you. These are vital decisions to be made only after proper research as you would be putting yourself out on this platform with probably explicit and hot photos of yourself to find a sexy hookup. So, you would want to get it right. This is exactly where we come in with our detailed reviews of these hookup & sex dating websites like Fuckbook which will guide you through the tough choices & tell you as it is. There are no biases or sugarcoating that we indulge in while reviewing a hookup dating platform so that a first-hand, honest insight comes out in the end which is helpful to everyone.

In this article, we will dig deep into the realms of the Fuckbook sex dating platform to find out how it works. Read till the end to know our final verdict about the hookup dating site to decide if you should try it for yourself.

What is Fuckbook?

What is fuckbook

Fuckbook is the online destination of choice for those seeking casual, no-strings-attached fun. It’s the perfect place to find like-minded singles who are looking to have a good time without expecting anything in return. Whether you’re interested in meeting new people and creating friends or some naughty encounters, Fuckbook will facilitate whatever it is you’re after! You’ll have everything you need to make your search as successful as possible – from advanced photo sharing and chatting capabilities to robust profile filters. Together with its large database and comprehensive search functions, you won’t be disappointed with the wide variety of potential partners available at Fuckbook!

Pros and Cons of Fuckbook


  • Exclusive hookup & casual sex services for people not looking for commitments
  • Premium and verified users have badges that symbolize reliability
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Quick & straightforward signup process
  • Affordable premium membership
  • Variety of features for communication
  • Large & loyal user base


  • No Mobile application
  • Too many ad interruptions

Depth Review of Fuckbook Dating Site

Depth features of fuckbook

After looking at the Fuckbook reviews online as well as the brief pros and cons list, you might have gotten a little idea about the quality of services on Fuckbook. But, let us give you a descriptive account of how our experience was while we tested out the website.

Sign Up Process & Safety

fuckbook signup form

As for an exclusive dating website for hookups and casual sex, the dating pool tends to be quite horny and sexually charged. As a result, the content shared by these profiles can be quite explicit and full of nudity. The platform supports such content completely and there are no such restrictions but it is upon the users to feel the responsibility of safeguarding the sensitive information and data that they are putting out there on Fuck book. 

Users need to make sure that the platforms that they trust with their explicit photos are completely safe and secure. Even the newer platforms like OnlyHookup.com need to be mindful of such data sensitivity and must come up with security networks that work well enough to protect all data and prevent any leakages.

Login Process

The Fuckbook login process is pretty basic and straightforward as it does not require any extra information beyond the scope of dating or finding hookups for you. All the users need to provide is basic details such as Location, Zip code, etc. Fuckbook ensures that all the active users on the platform are above 18 years of age which is why age verification is mandatory. 

Additionally, you need to provide a valid email address along with your login credentials on Fuckbook as proof of identity which is further verified by sending an activation link to the registered address. This is done so that the dating pool can be kept free of potential scammers or fake profiles which can be easily found on unsafe sites like Elitemeetsbeauty.com.

Set Up the Profile

After the profile is signed up, you will be required to set up the profile so that it is ready to navigate the dating world on Fuckbook. In order to make a profile, you will be required to create a unique username which will be publicly visible to everyone on the network. Make it as innovative and creative as possible. Fuckbook also asks its users to upload a profile picture with their profile so that it looks more appealing and genuine. 

Choose the hottest pictures you have and upload a nice thirst trap for all the users on Fuckbook to attract a lot of hookup opportunities your way. After you have uploaded a profile picture, you will be asked to write a short bio about yourself. This is a great opportunity to describe your personality in the best possible way to leave an impression on potential dates. You can write about your experiences, likes & dislikes, preferences, etc. to help these people get to know you better and decide if they would like to get in touch with you.

Safety & Privacy

As far as the safety and privacy of the users are concerned, Just like we saw in Black Polygamy Apps fuckbook makes sure that all the users have their emails and ages verified so that no one is under the age of 18 on the dating network as well as no fake profiles dare to enter the dating mix. It also enables users to Block or report any indecent profiles on the platform if they come across any potential creeps. 

This helps them blacklist such users completely and block them from ever contacting you or viewing your personal information. The Block feature gives the users a certain level of autonomy to control who they interact with on Fuckbook.

Features of Fuckbook

Design & Usability

fuckbook Profile

After the sign-up and profile setup is complete, the users are directed to the website homepage where they can start surfing through the dating options. The user base on Fuckbook is large, loyal, and enthusiastic as they are all eager to find some hot and raunchy casual sex through the hookup site. As is the nature of the website content, all the profile pictures posted by various profiles are explicit which can be fun for most people to look at. To make the hookup hunt more efficient, users also have the option to apply search filters based on Age, Location, Gender, etc so that the results are streamlined according to your preference criteria. This is a free feature and is available for everyone to use. 


If you’re new to the hookup website and find that there are a lot of messages that you receive as soon as you are done with the signup process, it is mainly because of the Icebreaker feature. This is something that you agree upon in the terms of service section while registering yourself on Fuckbook. By agreeing to the Icebreaker feature you give consent to the website software to use your profile credentials to send messages to other profiles so that a conversation is initiated by default. 

This makes things a lot easier in terms of communication as you don’t have to go through the awkwardness of starting a conversation with someone you like since Fuckbook does it for you. Some users might also see it as an invasion of privacy as the fine print of terms of service often gets ignored but you can choose to refuse your consent if you don’t want to use the Icebreaker. 

Direct Messaging

Communication on Fuckbook is convenient as you can start getting in touch with people you like via a private messaging feature. It is also one of the most important factors of choosing a specific hookup site as texting and chatting is a mandatory first step before visiting pound town. Instant messaging is a great opportunity for people to get to know each other well, and discuss likes, dislikes, preferences and sexting advice also before they decide on meeting in person. You can also choose to send live photos to each other as well as use the Live Webcam option if you would like to chat on over a Video call and have some fun over there. 

Like, Comment & Update

Fuckbook advertises itself as an adult version of Facebook which is exclusively for hookups and dating. To give a similar feel, the design picks up features like Like, Comment & Status update from Facebook and adds them to the Fuckbook interface. Users are allowed to react to other profiles’ pictures by selecting the heart icon below the photo they like. 

This feature is known as the ‘Hot’ button on Fuckbook. It also enables users to leave a comment below posts which could be flirtatious or just a compliment in order to initiate a connection. A status update is used to post temporary photos or videos on your profile to tell others what you’re up to. 


In the menu bar on Fuckbook homepage, you will find a Matches tool that directs you to a variety of dating profiles that are recommended by the software based on your personal information. The algorithm picks up information like Location, Ethnicity, Religion, Gender, Age, etc, and lists a whole lot of profiles that seem to meet your preference criteria so that you can take a look at them to see if you’re interested. It can turn out to be a way easier and more interactive hookup search experience as you don’t have to go through the pain of scrolling endlessly.

Virtual Gifts

Users on Fuckbook get an additional option to exchange virtual gifts with other profiles as a means of expressing interest. This is a great tool as it aids gifting options within the fuckbook space and does not ask for any personal details such as the address or zip code of the other person. Hence, it is also a safe gifting option. 


Pinboards are more like the boards on Pinterest which you can save with similar moods and tastes to revisit later. In the case of Fuckbook pinboards, users can compile a grid of posts from other profiles or their own to curate a moodboard. You can group a certain kind of profile or posts together to sort them according to your liking or aesthetic and come back later to them. The privacy settings of these pin boards can be customized as per the convenience of the user as they can choose to make it public or keep it private. 

Karma Boost

This is a verified tag or badge that Fuckbook awards to a few select users who use Premium subscription of the website. It is earned naturally by being an active user of the platform and indulging in posts, likes, comments, or writing blogs on the website, etc. A verified tag suggests that these profiles are completely reliable & even makes them rank higher in other people’s search results thereby making your profile more discoverable.

Blog Section

In the Fuckbook Blog section, users can add blogs with featured stories, fantasies, experiences, sexual health, an invitation to meet up, safe dating tips or anything that they like. Even as an audience, you can engage with other people’s blog posts by liking them, leaving a review comment, or pinning them to your pinboard. 

Fuckbook Premium vs Free Version

Paid membership

Fuckbook.com offers some unabashed sexual encounter opportunities to all its members & hosts a range of features. But, not all of these features are ready to use for a standard user of the website as these are additional paid services. While many tools can be availed by a standard user, you will be required to buy the premium subscription of Fuckbook to access the dating network to the best of its potential. Here is a list of features available to a standard user versus a Premium user:

Features of Fuckbook Free

  • Login & SignUp
  • Access to view daily Matches
  • Update your status by posting pictures or videos about what you’re up to
  • Upload photos on the Fuckbook dating profile
  • Access to upload limited videos on the profile
  • Apply search filters to streamline dating profiles
  • Access to find out who viewed your profile recently
  • Use the Pinboards feature

Features of Fuckbook Premium

  • Unlimited access to messages & virtual gifts
  • Karma Boost – Verified badge of a premium user
  • Ad-free uninterrupted dating experience
  • Ability to leave a comment on others’ posts
  • Access to write a blog

Cost to Join Fuckbook Premium

  • 1-Month Membership: $29.95
  • 3-Month Membership: $44.85




In this Fuckbook review, we have attempted to give a detailed insight into how the website works and if it is worth your time, effort, and money. In all honesty, we found Fuckbook to be a great platform to find the best hookups with an interactive and responsive user interface. The website hosts a conducive environment for all genders and sexual orientations to find some casual sex through their services, unlike Bicupid.com which is exclusively for bisexual people. In addition to that, there are various features that accentuate the overall experience of using Fuckbook like Icebreakers, Matches, Pinboards, blogs, etc. The search filters based on gender, location, and age help streamline the search results according to individual preferences. 

In totality, the website is also safe as it ensures email and age verification for all users. If there were one thing we would like to improve, it would be introducing a mobile application for Fuckbook which could make things a lot more convenient as well as efficient. Finally, we give a glowing recommendation to the Fuckbook hookup website so that all our readers try it out at least once. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What is Fuckbook?

Ans. Fuckbook.com is an online adult dating website just like adultfriendfinder which offers hookup and casual sex services to people with varying gender identities, sexual orientations, races, ethnicities, etc. It has a great line of dating profiles & success stories to support the credibility argument of Fuckbook.com. The user base is active & loyal which works well with the variety of features that it offers like Icebreakers, Virtual gifts, Like, Comments, Status update, etc. 

Q.2 How to remain safe on Fuckbook?

Ans. Following are the few steps that you can follow to ensure personal safety on Fuckbook:

  • Safety & Security of the users
  • Email verification & Age verification 
  • Check if the domain is Private
  • Check if it uses an encryption network on the Live Chat feature
  • Read the terms of service carefully
  • Run a background check on the profiles if you find something suspicious

Q.3 How to cancel my Fuckbook account?

Ans. Follow the steps below to delete your Fuckbook account:

  • Login to your fuckbook dating profile
  • Browse Settings> Account Settings
  • Enter the captcha code to verify it’s you
  • Click on the ‘Delete Account’ button and you will be logged out automatically 

Q.4 Is Fuckbook free to use?

Ans. No. Fuckbook is not a completely free hookup website to use. It has a freemium service which adds benefits if you choose the premium version. The cost structure is as follows:

  • 1-Month Membership: $29.95
  • 3-Month Membership: $44.85

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