Tips for a Unicorn Couple to Find a Third Partner

With an open discourse around the dynamic nature of modern relationships, more and more people are recognizing & coming out as non-monogamous individuals. This indicates that these individuals are not familiar with the prevalent culture of living and loving one partner. A person who is open to having numerous romantic and sexual partners at once is said to be polyamorous. To keep the trend alive, now the unicorn couple is looking for a third partner to add some casual one-night fun or a long-term romantic commitment.

Here is a special guide to help all the Unicorn couples understand how to approach their quest for a third partner because navigating this novel type of relationship can be difficult. Let’s first understand what the term Unicorn means.

What is a Unicorn?

Unicorn Couple

Unicorn is a person who is willing to enter into a polyamorous arrangement as the third wheel with an existing couple, except they are not only a third wheel but an equal part of the ride. This arrangement’s characteristics can range from a committed romantic relationship to an uncommitted, one-off sexual experience. Let’s begin to understand how a Unicorn Couple can go about looking for a great third for their relationship.

6 Steps to Approach a Unicorn Search

  • Talk It Out With Your Partner

Talking to partner for unicorn couple

A monogamous relationship cannot be repaired or fixed by adding a third person as a unicorn couple because doing so would only make the situation worse. There may be a lot of insecurities following the arrival of a unicorn, and weak monogamy may not be able to bear the weight of them. Therefore, it is essential to discuss the choice with your spouse before moving forward. Only if they understand the concept and the idea behind it & give their consent to a poly dating or hookup setting should you proceed with finding a Unicorn. If you want the communication between a couple to be organized and in tune, you must also set down the norms and expectations that you both have of this threesome, depending on whether they want a long-term polyamorous relationship or just a one-night fling.

  • Put Yourself Out There, Either With a Partner or Alone

Put yourself out either alone or in group

When the foundation is set and you’re ready to bring on a third person, you need to put yourself out there. This can be done as a couple or alone, with one person representing the entire setting. In addition to the obvious option of signing up on online dating apps as a Couple seeking a Unicorn. Keep an eye out for other opportunities where you might encounter a unicorn, such as sex parties, swinger clubs, or perhaps a few more real-world events. Numerous unicorn portals and special dating sites like are available online. Some of the already available sites allow married people create a joint profile, so that the unicorn candidates know exactly what they’re getting into and the singles on the app don’t mistake individual profiles for interested monogamists.

  • Vocalize Your Needs & Expectations

As a Unicorn Couple, it is of utmost importance that you sell yourself well whenever dealing with a potential unicorn. In this unicorn environment, be specific about your requirements and expectations, as the umbrella phrase simply covers the term’s general meaning. The intra-institutional variations very much exist and should be acknowledged by the couple. Because of this, it is the couple’s job to clearly state in their threesome dating site bio the type of polyamory they are seeking, including whether it would be a long-term commitment or just a one-night stand. What role do they want the unicorn playing during sex? Where will they be meeting? Can they stay over after the sex or call a cab & bounce? What are your hard limits as a couple? etc.

  • Set Up a Date With Your Unicorn

Set Up a Date With Your Unicorn

Remember that your first encounter with a unicorn couple shouldn’t be the one where you all get nude after you’ve settled on a shared favorite. Spend some time getting to know that individual and talking about your plans for the three of you before getting to the heart of the matter.  It’s preferable if you take them out on a date and pay the expenses of their supper and drinks. You can use this as an opportunity to establish connection between the three of you and let them get to know you more closely as a couple. Since the two of you would be traveling together, watch that the situation doesn’t become stressful or daunting for them by asking them questions nonstop.  

  • Respect Their Fantasies & Expectations

A unicorn couple often skips this step thinking that they’re in the majority and the ones leading the whole setup. This is untrue, as it is very unacceptable to treat the unicorn like a sex object that may be shared between the two of you for amusement. Be aware that their wants, expectations, and feelings will all be given equal weight in the partnership. You cannot ignore what they were expecting from the threesome scenario. Therefore, the pair as a whole have to be good listeners and pay attention to whatever the unicorn wants and anything else they indicated in their bio, assuming that’s where you found them. You must ensure that they feel involved throughout the entire arrangement, regardless of what it is, since they are automatically the outcast.

  • Communicate Throughout The Course 

communicate throughout the course

The communication & talking part of the deal does not end as soon as the clothes are off. To ensure that everyone is comfortable with the arrangement, all three engaged entities must be mature enough to maintain communication. This applies to both a long-term polyamorous relationship and a one-time sex with someone you met on It’s important to stay in touch with everyone involved and make sure they’re comfortable. Make sure all three partners are included in the intercourse and spend time gratifying their specific needs. What matters most is that everyone should have fun during sex. And the relationship should remain healthy without any feelings of insecurity or animosity. 


Apart from the fantastic sex you’ll have, maintaining a good polyamorous relationship requires respect, empathy, and understanding for everyone involved. Maintaining balance is vital if you want to avoid feelings of insecurity or envy. Reiterating that a weak monogamous relationship cannot be saved by unicorns, we would simply add that the addition of a second partner would only worsen the existing issues. Keep in mind a few fundamentals before having sex, such as communicating throughout the act, respecting personal space and boundaries, and obtaining consent at every stage, even if you already did so. You cannot assume their consent before you explore a new position or foreplay technique which is why it is the most obvious yet the most important part. Oh, and don’t forget to have loads of fun!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 How to find a Unicorn for a couple?

Ans. The simple steps you must follow in order to approach a unicorn for a date are listed below:

  • Be open and honest with your current spouse about the proposed arrangement and ask them if they agree to it.
  • To find a third person, create a charming online dating profile as a unicorn couple.
  • Establish ground rules, hard and soft limitations, personal boundaries, and other requirements that must all be upheld.
  • Ensure that you have the same fetishes, fantasies, and expectations for the whole experience.
  • Acknowledge and respect the feelings of everyone involved
  • If one of you decides to withdraw consent right before having sex, that’s totally OK.

Q.2 What is a Unicorn Couple?

Ans. A Unicorn couple is one who is looking to add a third person to the mix for some fun. The nature of the relationship may vary from anything between a long-term romantic polyamorous one to a casual sexual encounter.

Q.3 How to be a Unicorn for a couple?

Ans. To be the best unicorn in a polyamorous situation, follow these instructions:

  • Make sure you’re prepared before signing up for a threesome or commitment.
  • Avoid pairings where one partner may not be enthusiastic about the arrangement.
  • Clearly state all of your requirements and expectations for the arrangement so that there are no misunderstandings.
  • Never lose sight of yourself when interacting with an engaged couple.
  • Be clear about your own boundaries and ensure that they are upheld.

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