Best Sexting Advice For Couples Looking to Spice Things Up Virtually

Sexting is the clearest illustration of the generation’s dramatic move toward online dating and virtual encounters. It is one of the most Gen-Z things that there could have been as the people of today have absolutely no time and patience to wait for physical meetups and indulge sexually with each other. They have devised ways of having ultimate sexual fun in the comfort of their homes on their mobile phones itself. Sexting is a good method to express your sexual desires to someone and take it further by having a sexual back-and-forth that may be entertaining for both sides. It is essentially like texting but with an R-rated censor on all the texts that are shared due to their explicit nature. Sexting allows long-distance couples to have sex while minimizing their distances, while new dates may view it as nothing more than flirting on dating apps.

This post will compile a list of sexting tips for all sexting aficionados who are new to this kind of flirting or communication, offering our advice on how to master the art of sexting quickly. So, let’s begin!

8 Must-Know Tips To Amp Up Your Sexting Game

Sexting guide

Seek Your Partner’s Consent

In a relationship, everything from initiating a kiss to having intercourse requires the consent of both parties to determine whether they are both ready and agreeable to it. In the same way, you should ask your partner if they would be comfortable with sexting well beforehand so that you are not left embarrassed & uncomfortable when you initiate sexting out of the blue. It is extremely likely that your partner does not have the same views as you do about virtual intimacy or the sexual discourse that sexting encourages.

Therefore, it’s crucial that you establish the groundwork by finding out if they are even remotely interested. Sending explicit sext or kinky images to turn someone on when you’re not together should only be done after that. Additionally, it’s critical to bear in mind that consent is essential not only before starting the sexting act, but also throughout the play and, if necessary, prior to sending any explicit material.

Get the Timing Right & Go Slow

After getting permission, you must arrange the logistics before sending your lover a horny sext. Find out where they are and whether they can read your communications if you aren’t searching for a surprise cockblock. Your spouse wouldn’t be able to answer to your sexting in time if they were with their family or at work, so you wouldn’t want to be left out to dry with everything switched on.

You should start up a conversation like this when you feel free and ready to do so. To make sure your sexting doesn’t catch them off surprise, there is no harm in inquiring if they are busy or asking a question similar to that. We place such a high value on timing since there is no enjoyment in a hurried sexting session when there is no passion and no turning on due to the time limitation. Sexting is a skill you can master with practice, so if you want to achieve the greatest results, go slowly.

Tease All You Can For Maximum Pleasure

Sexting tip: Teasing

When we say you should go slow with your sexting, it doesn’t mean that you take long to reply and break the whole flow and the mood of the situation. Instead, you should learn to control the intensity on your own over time so that the climactic peak is worthwhile given the arduous trip. You should be able to use your explicit texts and images to make your spouse crave you. It’s preferable to unleash your wild side gradually rather than putting everything on the table right away.

Use your words and sexy images to tease as much as you can. Send them texts and images of what you’re doing, but wait until they ask to see anything specific. Make them visualize you in their preferred manner, but interrupt the flow in the midst to tease them and increase the sexual arousal between the two of you. They would be a lot more engaged and turned on when you finally get to the act fully in this fashion.

Work on your Dirty Talk & Emoji Game

There are several limitations by default in terms of the feeling of touch, the rapid communication, and just the general vibe of being with each other while you’re horny because there is no way for you to be together physically with your partner. It can be quite challenging to encapsulate the feeling in sexting especially if you’re still new to it and don’t know how to send the right sexts. Free dating-advice-for-men states that when sending a particular naughty sext, you shouldn’t seem too cheeky or desperate. In order to improve your sexting skills, you should learn how to dirty talk to your lover.

In order to give this sensation a distinct graph, you should peel off layers at a time, increasing the intensity of your questions and remarks as you go. For instance,  You can make up a scene and narrate it in the horniest possible way to turn them on. Additionally, you should utilize appropriate sexting emoticons, such as eggplant, peach, cat, etc., to lend the appropriate context to your sexts.

Choose an audio-visual medium when the situation calls for it

sexting tips: Video call

Texting, sending explicit texts, and using emojis are not the only ways to engage in sexting. After the foreplay and the tease, you can definitely turn the sexting up a notch by sending your lover a steamy photo or a dirty voice message with sultry sounds. Keep in mind that you need to give them a heads up before sending across a nude picture so that they are not uncomfortable with it. Since it allows for a lot of virtual connection, the stakes there immediately increase whenever you send a steamy photo or a sexy voice note.

It takes quite a bit of skill to take the perfect photo of your equipment to make your spouse want them. You can experiment with the angles or click artistically to convey a whole view of your body in POV, providing your companion with an immersive experience. You can heat up the current sexting game by using voice notes to imitate sounds they like in bed or actions you would like to do on them, etc.

Customize the Experience For Your Partner

It’s crucial to remember that you can’t just copy and paste the entire guide while reading sexting advice for long distance relationships and come up with nothing new for your spouse. It is totally up to you how you choose to add unique aspects throughout to make the whole experience worthwhile.  You should only say or do things during sexting that you are aware your partner normally likes. To add a personal touch or conjure up memories of a great night you spent together doing the nastiest and wildest acts on one another, you can try playing a shared sex song or playlist in both of your backdrops.

You can tease them at first before finally giving it to them with your dirty sexting if there is a particular aspect of what they like to do in bed or a fantasy, such as a bisexual-threesome, that they may have mentioned to you. Sexting thus involves much more than just adhering to a simple template, which makes it a test of your knowledge and comprehension of their sexual tastes. If you tend to be unaware of your partner’s preferences, you may want to pay extra attention to these behaviors to ensure that your long-distance sexting sessions are just as enjoyable as your in-person interactions.

Ask What They Want & Explore New Stuff Together

sexting stuff

Just like any sexual action in a relationship, a good sexting session involves the proper ratio of giving and taking. Therefore, you should be honest and direct when asking them the correct questions about what they want and put on a show for them virtually whenever you’re doing and saying things in bed that you enjoy or asking them to do things for you. Keep asking questions such, “Are you liking it?” or ‘what would you like me to do?’ etc. so that they both feel like they have a say in how the sexting session is managed and may enjoy themselves.

Along with avoiding sexting, it is important for couples to occasionally step outside of their comfort zones. You can probably give it a go over sexting and move it ahead in bed when you’re comfortable if your spouse has insisted on a swinger role play but you’re too stiff to do it. Alternately, you can pick a shared environment where you’d like to mimic a shared experience, such as taking a shower together or enjoying a relaxing jacuzzi session, then sext from there by sending each other photographs, voice messages, etc.

Have Fun With It

Don’t overcomplicate and complicate your sexting with numerous topics you have read about. To retain the joy and vibe of the entire environment, go slowly and only incorporate the components that you believe go with your speed. In addition to alienating your partner and ruining the mood, trying to cram too much into one sexting session can also backfire. When the time is right, employ the sexting techniques you’ve learned while being patient. Keep in mind that having fun together and getting the most out of this virtual sexting medium are the most important things.


Finally, you can benefit greatly from these simple guidelines to sexting. In the end, it all comes down to how well you perform and how good your sexting and flirting skills are. You shouldn’t put too much pressure on yourself because you’re not required to perform for a live audience. There is only one person who truly knows and can relate to you: your partner.

So, they wouldn’t judge you at all. Keep it as real as you can because putting on a pretentious or kinky persona can be off-putting, especially for long-term relationships. It is important that you simply make note of the tips that we shared, keep them in mind while you do entirely what is instinctive and natural to your personality. Just make sure you enjoy yourself as well as your spouse!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What is Sexting?

Ans.  If you can’t currently meet in person, sexting is a virtual way for you and your lover to have a nasty time. IIt enables a wide range of expression that may be done via texting, sending photographs, and audio files to maintain the couple’s sexual connection.

Q.2 Which are the top sexting apps in the market?

Ans. The finest dating applications that also enable safe and seductive sexting chances are listed below:

Q.3 What are three forms of sexting?

Ans. Sexting is essentially any form of consensual sexual behavior that takes place online. The following are the primary types of sexting:

  • Exchanging dirty text messages & sexual emojis 
  • Utilizing sexy voice memos, audio snippets, and sounds to turn on your spouse.
  • Sharing nudists and other sexy visuals that imply you are both naked and having pleasure virtually

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