Best Sexting Advice For Couples Looking to Spice Things Up Virtually

There’s no bigger proof of the massive shift of this generation towards Online dating and virtual meetups than Sexting. It is one of the most Gen-Z things that there could have been as the people of today have absolutely no time and patience to wait for physical meetups and indulge sexually with each other. They have devised ways of having ultimate sexual fun in the comfort of their homes on the mobile phones itself. Sexting is an efficient way of communicating your sexual feelings towards someone and take it up a notch by engaging in a sexual back and forth which can be fun for both the parties. It is essentially like texting but with an R-rated censor on all the texts that are shared due to their explicit nature. Long distance couples may use it to minimize the distances and have sex virtually by sexting while new-found dates might see it as mere form of flirting on the dating apps. 

In this article, we will be curating a list for all the sexting enthusiasts who are new to this sphere of flirting or communicating to give our two cents about how you can ace your sexting game in no time. So, let’s begin!

8 Must-Know Tips To Amp Up Your Sexting Game

Seek Your Partner’s Consent

Everything from kissing to proceeding with sex in a relationship requires consent of both the involved parties to find out if they are both ready and on the same page about it. In the same way, you should ask your partner if they would be comfortable with sexting well beforehand so that you are not left embarrassed & uncomfortable when you initiate sexting out of the blue. It is very much possible that your partner is someone who does not believe in the idea of virtual sexual talk or intimacy in a way that sexting promotes. 

Therefore, it is important that you lay the groundwork by confirming if at all they are into it. Only then should you proceed with sending the naughty sext or kinky visuals to turn them on when you’re not around each other. Also, it is important to remember that consent is not only integral before beginning the sexting act, you must also keep on with it during the play or before sending a nude etc if it ever gets to that.

Get the Timing Right & Go Slow

Once the consent is out of the way, you need to figure out the logistics before sending a horny sext to your partner. Get an idea about where they are and if they can actually indulge with your messages unless you’re looking for a sudden cockblock. You wouldn’t like to be left out to dry all turned on just to find out that your partner was with their family or at work because of which they won’t be able to respond to your sexting in time. 

When you think you are both free and available to talk should you initiate such a conversation. There is no harm in asking if they’re busy or something like that to make sure your sexting doesn’t catch them off guard. We lay so much emphasis on the timing because there is no fun in a rushed sexting session where there is no passion, no turning on because of the time constraint. Sexting is an art that you ace with time and something that you should take as slow as possible to get the best returns.

Tease All You Can For Maximum Pleasure

When we say you should go slow with your sexting, it doesn’t mean that you take long to reply and break the whole flow and the mood of the situation. Instead, you should get a grip of the intensity and regulate it on your own, gradually over time so that the eventual climax is worth the long journey. You should know how to make your partner crave yourself with your dirty texts and the visuals. Don’t lay everything on the table right from the beginning as it is better to bring forth your wild side slowly. 

Tease all you can with your words and hot visuals. Send them texts and pictures of what you’re doing but don’t give them exactly what they want to see just yet. Make them imagine and picture you how they like it but break the flow in the middle to tease them and heighten the sexual energy between the two of you. This way, when you finally get to the act all in, they would be much more turned on and invested in the sexting.  

Work on your Dirty Talk & Emoji Game

Since there is no way you can get together physically with your partner, there are a lot of constraints by default in terms of the feeling of touch, the instant communication & just the overall vibe of being with each other while you’re horny. It can be quite challenging to encapsulate the feeling in sexting especially if you’re still new to it and don’t know how to send the right sexts. This is free dating advice for men that you shouldn’t sound too cheeky or desperate while sending a specific naughty sext. So, you should work on your sexting game by learning the right way to dirty talk with your partner. 

You should peel off layer by layer and heighten the intensity of your questions or statements as you go so that there is a specific graph to this feeling. For instance,  You can make up a scene and narrate it in the horniest possible way to turn them on. In addition to that, you should also use the right sexting emojis like eggplant, peach, cat etc for the right connotations to compliment your sexts. 

Opt for an Audio-Visual Medium when the Time is Right

Sexting does not have to be limited to texting, sending dirty texts & emojis alone. You can certainly amp things up after the foreplay and the tease by sending a hot picture or a dirty voice note with hot sounds to get your partner fully into the groove of sexting. Keep in mind that you need to give them a heads up before sending across a nude picture so that they are not uncomfortable with it. Once you send a hot photo or a kinky voice note, you automatically raise the stakes there as it allows for a lot of virtual communication. 


Clicking the right picture of your tools is also quite an art to make your partner crave them. You can play with the angles or click aesthetically to send a full view of your body in POV which gives an immersive experience to your partner. With the voice notes, you can make the sounds they like in bed or things that you would like to do to them etc to heat up the existing sexting game.

Customize the Experience For Your Partner

When reading sexting tips for long distance, it is important to keep in mind that you can’t just copy paste the whole guide and innovate next to nothing for your partner. It is entirely upon you how you decide to make the overall experience worthy by adding personal elements throughout. While sexting, you should say or do things that you know that your partner likes generally. You can suggest playing a common sex song or playist that you share in both your backgrounds to add a personal touch or remind them of a memorable night that you spent together doing the dirtiest and the wildest things to each other. 

If there is something specific that they enjoy in bed, or a fantasy like bisexual threesome that they might have told you about, you can tease at first until you finally give it to them with your dirty sexting. So, sexting is also a test of how much you know and understand their sexual preferences as it requires much more than following a basic template. If you’re someone who is not generally conscious of your partner’s likes and dislikes, you might want to especially take note of these activities so that your sexting sessions are as fun in a long distance setup as the time you spend together.

Ask What They Want & Explore New Stuff Together

An ideal sexting session is the right balance of give and take just like any sexual activit in a relationship. So, when you’re doing and saying things that you enjoy in bed or asking them to do stuff for you, you should also be upfront with asking the right questions about what they want and put up a show for them virtually. Continue with your questions like ‘are you liking it?’ or ‘what would you like me to do?’ etc so that they feel equally in charge of running the sexting session and can have fun with it. 

It is also healthy for couples to try out new things together over sexting and push their comfort zones a little bit every time. If your partner has been insisting on a swinger role play but you’re too uptight to do it, you can probably give it a try over sexting and take it forward in bed when you’re comfortable. Or you can choose a common setting where you would like to simulate a joint experience like having shower together or a nice jacuzzi session from where you can sext by sending pictures and sharing voice notes etc. 

Have Fun With It

Don’t make the sexting too technical and cluttered with multiple things that you have read about. Take it slow and add only the elements that you think go with your pace so as to maintain the fun and mood of the overall setting. Trying to add too many things into one sexting session can also lead to turning off your partner and spoiling the vibe completely. Be patient with whatever you have learnt about sexting and use these tricks when the right time comes. Remember that it is most important that you both have fun with each other and make the most out of this virtual sexting medium. 


In the end, there’s so much that these quick guides for sexting can do to help you. All of it ultimately boils down to how you perform and how good your flirting and sexting skills are. You don’t need to put too much pressure on yourself as this is not a live audience show that you’re being expected to put up. It is only your partner, someone you know very well and someone who understands you as a person. 

So, they wouldn’t judge you at all. Keep it as authentic as you can as putting on a pretentious kinky personality can be off-putting especially for couples who have been together for long. It is important that you simply make note of the tips that we shared, keep them in mind while you do entirely what is instinctive and natural to your personality. Just make sure you give your partner & yourself a good time!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What is Sexting?

Ans. Sexting is a virtual medium of having a dirty time together with your partner if you can’t currently meet in person. It facilitates a wide arena of expression which can be done via texting, sharing pictures as well as audios to keep the sexual intimacy going between the couple. 

Q.2 Which are the top sexting apps in the market?

Ans. Following are the best dating apps that facilitate safe & hot sexting opportunities as well:

Q.3 What are three forms of sexting?

Ans. Sexting is basically any virtual medium to have a consensual sexual activity together. The main forms of sexting are as follows:

  • Exchanging dirty text messages & sexual emojis 
  • Using kinky audio clips, voice notes and sounds to turn on your partner
  • Sharing nudes and other hot pictures or videos which suggest that you are both naked & having fun virtually

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