Modern Dating Advice For Women Today

If we were to believe everything in pop culture and films, your knight in shining armor will arrive very soon and turn out to be the most gentle, caring, loyal & the funniest man ever. But the bubble pops up very soon and you’re out of the wonderland of perfection and hopeless romanticism. The real dating world is very complex with so much to figure out in terms of finding the best dating sites for women, how to go about it, what to expect, how much is too much etc. The challenges only grow if you’re a woman because you would want to find someone suitable for yourself and men never fail to disappoint with receding benchmarks everyday. But, we have come with a few tips and tricks that you can follow to find your way through this complicated maze that is modern dating. Let’s take a look at this honest dating advice!

6 Dating Tips to Keep in Mind For Women 

  • Be Authentic to Yourself

The first and the most obvious dating advice for the women of today would be to stay authentic to your own personality. It’s ironic how this is one of the most cliche things to say to anyone yet it is the most commonly ignored. Women in relationships or while dating tend to lose perspective of who they are so often that they become someone that they are not just to please their partner. Putting out a false image of yourself on the dating profile or on the first few dates will take you nowhere as the facade doesn’t last long and is bound to come off. 

It is best that the women be themselves and stay their authentic selves without changing anything when they’re looking to find someone suitable. Most people don’t understand this but authenticity is much hotter and sexier than a pretentious hotness. 

  • Set Your Personal Boundaries Beforehand

When in the talking phase or while going out with someone, don’t let the libido blur your perspective as it can really ruin a lot of things for you in the future. You need to be clear in your mind about what the deal breakers are. These are the traits or habits which are absolutely non-negotiable for you as an individual- like smoking habits, political beliefs, personal ideologies, cat or dog person etc. There could be a few things deeply personal to you which you would not be able to handle. This is why it is extremely important to make sure your date or a match on is on the same page as you in terms of these things so that you can lay a foundation for a healthy relationship together. 

  • Watch out for the Red Flags

Another really important dating advice for all the women is to remain conscious of what is normal behavior and what is downright toxic. It is so common among people with self-esteem issues or just blindly in love to ignore the clearest of red flags which are right in front of their eyes. Picking up from the oldest rom-com tropes of the girl ‘fixing’ the guy, women tend to be okay with the fact that their date is clearly projecting problematic behaviors onto them and has some really toxic habits or tendencies like ghosting & overcompensating, cheating behind your back, gaslighting you into believing things that are not true etc. 

  • Be Vocal About Your Needs & Expectations

The next dating advice for women is that they need to be clear in their head about what they are looking for in a relationship. You might find really hot and happening men but they might not be able to give you what you want in a stable relationship. Conversely, if you’re into a swinger lifestyle you will have to communicate that to the people you meet so that you’re content with the end result. It is also important to let your dates know of your preferences sexually and romantically, especially if you happen to meet via Any discrepancy in your needs and expectations will only lead to disappointment. 

  • Take the Initiative Once in a While

This is something that most women don’t prefer doing or are too hesitant to do. Taking the initiative and planning out dates or taking the first step in a conversation is completely normal and all the more attractive if women do it. If you are in the talking phase but you actually see it going somewhere and you like them, you should not shy away from texting them first or calling them if you’ve reached there. Being a woman who knows what she wants, you can definitely be the one to initiate date plans as well. Try it out once and your man will appreciate you so much more. Nowadays, some of the best dating apps for women like Bumble or actually let women take the first step in a relationship.

  • Don’t Feel the Pressure

This is very important relationship advice for women, especially in today’s times. It has somehow become the norm to hookup and have sex right after the first date even if you’re not sure about where this is going. This is understandable if you’ve met through with the purpose of having some fun with casual sex. But, if you are out on a romantic date, it is not mandatory to end it with sex or even a kiss if you’re unsure about the guy. You can take all the time in the world and only give your consent when you are ready for it. 


In the end, there is only so much that we can help you with. Beyond a certain point of suggesting a few basic pointers, there’s nothing that even the best dating apps for women can do for you. From here, it is actually your playing field and you will have to get out there and explore your options. Keep in mind the dating advice that we gave you but don’t harp too much on adhering to everything as things can be subjective for different individuals. Know that it is really important that you have fun with this potential date and can talk about anything, be your craziest self and show all your sides to them without having to think too much. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What is the Best Advice for Black Women who want to start Dating again?

Ans. Keep in mind a few simple steps to get dating as a Black Woman right:

  • Choose to be Vulnerable with your partner
  • Be Emotionally Available
  • Know when you are ready for a commitment
  • Communicate your needs and expectations
  • Maintain a balance between ‘Me Time’ & ‘Us Time’

Q.2 How to get a boyfriend: Foolproof Dating Advice for Women?

Ans. Following is some dating advice from our side to get a worthy boyfriend as a woman:

  • Be a friend first and then a girlfriend
  • Plan things together keeping in mind both of your interests
  • Communicate what you feel 
  • Give them enough space and take time for yourself as well
  • Surprise them & appreciate their existence in your life

Q.3 What is some Dating advice for Women who like Women?

Ans. As a newly out lesbian, dating can be tricky. Here’s a quick guide to help you through your journey:

  • Don’t rush into anything just for the sake of dating
  • Form a lesbian community around you and interact with them to gain better perspective
  • Know what you’re looking for & don’t be shy of it
  • Get over the mainstream straight dating rules and hopeless romantic expectations
  • Be authentic to your personality

Q.4 What is some dating advice for Introverts?

Ans. Here are a few things to keep in mind as introverts while dating:

  • Choose a place that you’re comfortable in so that you’re not too overwhelmed
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself for being an Introvert
  • Think of stories you can share
  • Plan out activities you can do together so you don’t have to talk
  • Play on your strengths as a listener

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